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Bored (Survey)

1) ever lied to anyone you ever dated? - no.
2) what’s killing your mood lately? - fighting with babe
3) are you curious about anything? what about? - How long me and babe’s relationship is going to be.
4) did you say something to someone special that you didn’t mean but only said out of anger? - Yes. I said she was a bitch.
5) what do you want to do right now? - Take out babe to whatever she craves for. Lol.
6) what were you scared about growing up? - That I would never be a kid again. Lool.
7) where do you see yourself three years from now? - With a job and hopefully engaged 
8) have you ever changed after breaking up? - Yes. 
9) are you in love with anyone? who? - yes. Maria Monica Nikki Andaya :D
10) what bullshit are you tired of? why? - arguing in my relationship. it’s neutral and i get it but we argue too often now. it’s not healthy. I just want it to stop.
11) what are you good at lying about? - I don’t think im not good at lying about anything.
12) has anyone ever impacted your life that you never thought would? who and how? - Monica because she knows how to love and she is someone so special that came walking into my life.
13) when was the last time you laughed so hard? what about? - Yesterday when me and jeremy kept telling monica that should would get an ear infection. LOOOOL.
14) what would you like to accomplish before next christmas? - finish school, job and get my drivers license.
15) are you more of the comforter or someone in need of comforting? - I’m both
16) what food are you craving for? - myrnas, sushi and Mcdixs.
17) are you crazy about someone? who and why? - my girlfriend. Because she is so funny, but so weird. Lmao. Dont hate babe.
18) ever broke any promises? - only if i didn’t have enough time to make it come true.
19) what was the greatest gift you’ve ever received? - My girlfriend and the stuff she gave me like a necklace and squishy. LOL
20) what makes you sad? - Fighting/arguing with monica.
21) do you think you’ll be married in five years? - Honestly no, but it would be good. Don’t worry babe im not hating (:
22) ever loved someone so strong? why? - My girlfriend because she has loved and stayed with me even though im the cause of all the problems and that she understands me like no other.
23) have you ever made the opposite sex cry? why? - plenty of times because of my mr.sensitive and because of our fightings.
24) are you happy with your life? - Its alright, but it could be better.
25) is your life any way you thought it would be? - honestly, no.
26) are you more of a “keep it to myself” person or a cry-baby?- Both
27) what’s the greatest memory of 2011? - hanging out with monica before we made it official on july 7 <3
28) ever cried on someones shoulder? - Mostly my girlfriend.
29) who is the one person you hate but just can’t get enough of? - Honestly my girlfriend.
30) what can you not get enough of? - Food, LoL and girlfriend.
31) where do you like/love being kissed? - Honestly I don’t tell anyone, but the lips,cheeks, collar and neck. But that’s secret. LOL
32) what’s the one thing you regret so bad? - Being a negative person in a relationship with my girl, always thinking things, not graduating on time with friends and losing my virginity in an early age.
33) do you hate any of your ex’s? - Not really, but i just wouldn’t give a F.
34) what are three things you’d like to accomplish before you die? - Finish college. Get a decent job. Spend the rest of my life with Monica <3
35) ever shit talked about anyone? - Not that I can think of right now.
36) would you rather get a tattoo on your wrist or on your collar bone? - Collar, but mostly the back or on my shoulders. 
37) whats the one thing you want to prove to your parents? - That I could finish college and help them in old age to support them with money. So they cannot be embarrass that I never finished school. So they can tell other people that im done. 
38) what’s one thing you want to promise to your future lover?That for all of my life I will love and take care of her till we grow old and die together. To promise I would be the best husband and father ever. I can go on and on, but im to lazy. LOL


Hi babe (: Remember when i said that I was going to be sensitive on the phone last night, but you fell asleep on me ): Imma do it right here my love. I don’t know why were still not back together yet. I know that were on break, but i miss you and only you my girlfriend mostly. I cant take just being your friend only. I miss you the you that hugs and kisses me. I miss the girl that I’ve loved for almost 16 months. I can honestly say that I miss that girl that i can just talk to so randomly and have so much laughs and cry’s with her. What I love about you is that when you love some one you will fight for them no matter what the outcome comes. You do so much for me and I’m always so thankful that you do. I know were still young, but ever since this relationship has been going on I could really say that I’m really hooked on to you. My love for you is so strong I could never let you go for someone else. No matter what I will always fight for you and this relationship. You are the best girlfriend that came into my life. I love your jealousy because it really shows how much you care and love me and this relationship that you don’t want anyone to take me away from you. You’re the only girl that can get me smiling so hard my face is about to break LOLOLOL. I don’t know why whenever I cant do couple stuff to you it hurts me because I miss doing that stuff to you like hugging you or even kissing you on the lips. I miss holding your smooth hands those soft hands that keeps me warm and knowing that you will be in my arms forever. I just miss doing ever single couple thing with you and its really killing me. I’m trying to be happy and I’m showing it but really and honestly I’m just hurting inside ): You are my soul mate xD I love the way you love me no there girl can love me the way you do. Honestly the only person I would stay beside till we die is you. I want to be married, have kids and even grow old and die together. I don’t miss all the fights we get, but like you said we learn from our mistakes in a relationship and it makes us stronger because then we start to understand more of each other and yea gets us stronger. Your the most important girl in my life and i wouldn’t trade it for the world or for anyone else. I want to hold you back in my arms and keep you safe and warm and to always protect you from harm. I want to continue and cherishing our memories together. We made it this far in our relationship and I’m not going to give up on it or you. My heart belongs to you and only you and for you to hold and keep for the rest of your life. I love you soooo much babe <3 Forever and always (: Remember your my angel, but ill always be your guardian angel looking down on you whenever you down ill always get you back up again. I just want to get back to how we used to talk to each other on the phone on skype and like just to notice each other. Like i miss us ); Like miss talking to you ever single night with laughter and smiles mostly your smiles towards me. That gets me going every single day and it starts and ends my day just right. Like when i feel sad all i do is just look at our pics that we took together and I start smiling and crying about how happy we were. Or like watch the vids that we made together and I start crying about that because were so happy. I know we grew up to fast in this relationship, but i know we can both do better in this relationship. And when i cry I just use a soft tissue because even though you don’t wipe my eyes I just imagine you do with the tissue and it feels like your soft hands wiping all the tears and pain away. Just like me how i wipe your tears whenever your sad me and my family are always here for you. I know you love this when I’m Mr.sensitive  I think im done here I’m pretty sure your going to be crying when you read this, so ill stop now. LOVE YOUUU SOOOO MUCH BABBE!!!! <3 

I love you <3

-Halimao :D

Hi babe I came here to type you a little something. I don’t know how to start this, but here we go. You are so special to me that right now I just want to hug and kiss you. You’re the most beautiful, kind, helpful, lovable, and so straight forward. I’m so glad i got with someone wonderful as you because the moment I actually started talking to you it seemed like we just clicked. Its like we got so comfortable with each other we can just be ourselves and no one would judge us. The moment i met you and the first time we actually hanged out seeing you smell every time it made my heart pump so hard that i would cry with joy that i made someone special like you smile and laugh. Those give me the best memories to remember with you. Its like everytime I look back to that its like i fell in love with you all over again. I know at times we have alot of fights and arguments, but we never leave it we always fix it right away or we tell how we feel and see if we can make it better. Sometimes when you say that you would break up with me no matter how many times you say that imma keep running after you and fight for this relationship even for you. Honestly you made me change so many different ways and im so happy that you came into my life I could never see myself with someone as great as you. I’m sorry for all the stupid things i have done to you. Sometimes you dont like me blaming myself, but i cant help it because i feel like im the blame for everything even though it isn’t my fault or it is. I just never want you to get hurt or to be at fault of anything. I think im the lucky one because when you came into my life yes i was scared, but i knew when i asked you out that you could be the one that i want to spend my life with and we been together 15 months already and i know that’s not long yet, but honestly i really think you are the one that i want to be with forever and always. You are on my mind 24/7. You start my dad when i see your message or when i see you on Skype and you always and for sure end my night when hear your voice on the phone or your message saying I love you and goodnight <3 I remember how we first met to how we became together. Do you remember? Let me refresh your memory if you forgot, but im pretty sure you did hopefully LOL. It was at school everytime I would be outside of the choir room waiting for friends and randomly you would say hi. Time went by and of course i didnt know you yet, but when i had guitar I would always ask the teacher to go to the wash room or skip to always see you in the library tbh. I guess i just wanted to get to know you more and more and i guess because i was starting to feel something for you. After that you just left the school and i didnt know, so i kept going to the library trying to find you but you were never there anymore ): I felt like I would never see you again which made my heart sad. Then you added me on msn in the summer or before summer and we started talking and i think i started the convo asking who was this and you responded to me. I honestly didnt know it was you, but when you said it was I had a big smile on my face that I got to talk to you again. Then we planned a day to actually hang out just me and you. It was on a Tuesday i think. When i got out of my car right when I saw you it felt like we clicked I don’t know if you felt the same, but I felt it. We hanged out we laughed so much and so hard i have never laughed that hard for so long. And seeing you smile and laughing made me realize that I’m falling in love with you because i can make you smile and laugh and that it seemed like we were getting along just find. When the day end 3 days after on July 7, 2011 I had the guts to ask you out because I wanted to see how our relationship would go and plus I fell so hard for you. I took a chance on msn because i thought i would never EVER see or talk to you again. Trust me I didn’t want to do it on msn, but i had no choice I though I would never see you again. So i asked you and when you said yes we could try it My heart stopped for a bit because i couldn’t stop the tears that made me happy and I couldn’t take off the big smile that was on my face. I’m sorry if i didn’t describe it properly, but this is what happened. You are the most important person in my life. Looking into your pretty eyes I feel like there is more then just an amazing personality in you. I feel like there is more that i should explore with you. You are my love,my best friend, and everything that I could think of that makes you the most wonderful girl there is. Like i said I want to spend my life with you and die with you even to have kids with you. You are always by my side and you always know what to say when I feel so down. I love you with all my heart and soul <3 No one else can change that. I hope this really makes you feel better babe.

-Matakao <3 


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